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New Rock Stuff and Nightmare!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Well, we went and did it. We could not get direct licensing and we continued to get at least one request a day for rock stuff so we started carrying other people's stuff. It is doing really well and on the one hand I am glad to see that we are giving folks what they want but on the other hand it makes me a wee bit sad that they are not babywit shirts....

I just finished Kite Runner which I highly recommend. Then I dreamt that I had told Ava and Jim to catch the cat for dinner. When I got home the cat was not dead. Not even caught. Ava and Jim did not want to kill the cat so I had to go about showing them how. So, in front of my 4 year old daughter, tears streaming down her face, I caught and then attempted to beat the cat to death. I said, "You just need to have some courage. Don't be such a wuss." I kept hitting the cat and she kept weeping and asking me to stop. Finally, I looked down at the cat, then at my daughter. It was barely alive. My daughter's face was covered in tears and snot. I made myself hit it one more time thinking, I can't stop now...look at it, nearly dead. It was suffering horribly but it would not die. Finally, I saw what a horrific act I was committing and just started bawling.
I have NO IDEA how to interpret this one....but my sister did say I suffered from an extraordinary amount of guilt stemming from my childhood of having to care for her and loving her more than anything while simutaneously competing with her for our parents affection and acting horribly to her as only a big sister can...

Tired of the harassment

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I don't even know what the hell they want! Damn, if they want the coloring book so bad they should go and shell out $ to produce their own. They have all art.
Jim wrote about what happened to me tonight. He was pretty upset that he wasn't there. I am actually glad he wasn't. I think I was most upset because Ava was crying. She kept asking who that mean, mean man was.


Sooo, if you should meet someone and they begin to tell you of all the horrible things people have done to them and how they have been victimized by almost all their friends, mistreated terribly by their family, old coherts, ex-bosses, etc. do not (as I did) wonder how people could be so cruel to someone so wonderful; rather be on your guard! Undoubtedly (as I discovered) there is a reason.