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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Wow, what a holiday. Our tiny house rocked with visitors. Jim's family came into town and my sister flew in from NYC. We served an xmas dinner vegan style.
Ava was overloaded with Princess goods but only one Disney product sent from my stepmother. A cell phone, princess purse and princess credit cards. Grrr. I have given into the whole princess affair and am passing it off as a phase. I thought this article in the NY Times was a pretty good read. I did give Ava some cleaning tools and she is totally into them. She puts on her raggedy dress and cleans like Cinderella. Sweeping, Ironing, Mopping (gets her mop wet with water) and Dusting. It is pretty cool. I hope she never catches on that cleaning is considered a chore.
It is a bit strange but my stepmother keeps giving me and my sister things that belonged to my father. He passed away nearly 10 years ago. So, for x-mas we open a gift that contains his graduation ring and a broken watch that he wore. I don't know. It is a bit strange to get his things as 'gifts'.
The new website is almost ready to go but from the front page I don't think anyone will know what we do, but it is so damn cute and fun. I hate to change it out for the standard pictures of kids in shirts. So boring.
Ava is turning four next week and we decided to throw her party at a rock climbing gym as she loves to climb dem walls. I think she will dig it. At least I hope she does. I had promised to take her to Disney World when she turned four but just can't after reading all the stuff Disney does overseas (although here they are apparently very good with the treatment of their gay and lesbian employees.)

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