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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Such a busy day for me trying to get all this crap done and then our preschool closes because the Portland Public Schools System threatened to close. Of course the day turned out to be wonderful with no severe weather conditions. I wouldn't be so frustrated except that both my neighbors are attending preschools that opened their doors when they saw the day was nice. Jim and I are trying to split the day in half now but neither of us are getting much done.
We selected our school because it was small, focused on the imagination and interacting with a group, nature and child development but it cost quite a bit more, is closed more often than other schools and the scheduling is causing my husband and I some distress. I am trying to get this new line launched before I pop out number #2 (due in June) and let's just say that it is hard right now...
How was that for publically announcing my pregnancy? We are so excited. Ava thinks she is going to have a little sister and wants to call her either Cindeerellee or Ella. If it is a boy he will be called bobohead. She has already announced that her little sister is going to sleep in her room with her.

  1. Anonymous M. de Rochester said:

    "Bobohead," eh? I'm not sure how well that goes with "Frost." Maybe it would be better as a middle name. You know, something like "Atticus Bobohead Frost." It would look well on custom-engraved stationery, don't you think?

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