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Losing customers is soo easy to do

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Some dude called in wanting to buy just the transfers as we didn't have the size he needed in the adult shirts. I said, hey no problem and because you are buying more than 5 we'll even give you a discount. He asked about a discount on buying the shirts outright and I told him I could give him a discount if he purchased a certain amount.
Then I got this note from him:

That's OK- I bought the transfers from you for $8.00 and there is a place a mile from my house that can put them on $ 5.00 WALMART T-shirts for $3.00 per transfer using a commerical heater making the total cost $16.00 per shirt.

That made me kind of queasy thinking about our design that stood against Walmart, corporations, big business, etc going right onto a sweatshop made tee. He was paying retail less for that shirt than we paid for ours wholesale. I simply could not stand the idea of our designs going on these tees. I know I am being picky. I know I shouldn't really care. So, I tried educating. Dude, can you like put them on something else cause we hate walmart a whole lot because they are evil. Can you consider putting them on a different tee? Or buying used tees? Either that or we are going to have to refund you your $.

He called my employee and went off on her on how we the vendor should be catering to him the customer. How I had seriously bad business policy etc etc and then hung up on her.

Then he wrote me this note:

On second thought, I've decide to cancel the order. I really don't appreciate having a vendor dictate to me (a ccustomer) where I can buy my T-shirts when I'm giving them business regardless of their politcal views. Your transfers would NOT have ended up on a T-sirt that had WALMART stamped on the tag. More than likely they would have been Fruit of the Loom or some other brand name or do something against grapes, apples and oranges too? Your in the buisness to retail to the public and when you start discriminating against your customer base simply because of where they shop then you should quit being a retailer and become a lawyer, politician or an activist.

And I wrote to him that the entire point of not working for someone else was that I got to decide what my business policy was and if I didn't want my designs ending up on shirts made in a sweatshop then I didn't have to. And maybe, just maybe I can someday grow up to be a good business owner AND an activist.

PS I do admit that it is DAMN hard to find a t-shirt not made in a sweatshop these days and it is awfully demanding that I even make such a request but this is the whole reason we don't just sell the transfers. We sell a transfer on a shirt. You know? If someone can't afford to buy our shirts because they work for Walmart we do have seconds that we can offer at a huge discount and we will work with you to get you a shirt made outside of a sweatshop for a reasonable price.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    At the end of the day you've got to stand up for your beliefs. On my deathbed I don't want to remember lovingly how I saved countless dollars on t-shirts and underwear at Wal-Mart. Can you imagine??? Junior did I ever tell you how much underwear cost 50 years ago. That's before Wal-Mart bought the naming rights for the United States. I mean that's why it's called The United States of Wal-Mart.....

    I love your stuff. I was ordering back in 2003, and just today learned you started up in 2003. I read "about us". Keep going and growing...

    ? Who comes up with the slogans....

    Sincerely Brad, Louisville KY

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