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Letter to my daughter from Santa

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dear Ava,
I received your letter last night and wanted to write you back. Your mom and dad have told me how hard you have been working at:
1) not waking your mom up at night even when you are scared,
2) standing up for someone when you see that they are being treated unfairly (e.g. yelled at or teased),
3) sharing toys with your friends,
4) and comforting someone when they are sad.
These are all really good things and you are doing a very good job!
Because you are doing such a good job I wanted to bring you some things on your list but you have requested all princess things. I love the princesses. They are so good and kind. You are like a princess! But, I must tell you that I cannot bring you anything with the name Disney on it. You must tell your mom, grandparents and aunts to stop buying anything with the name Disney on it. Most of the princess stuff you see nowadays is made by a company called Disney and is run by a man who treats his elves very badly. He locks them in a factory and makes them work every day of the week. They have to work 12 to 16 hour shifts. They have to make princess stuff from morning time till after you go to bed! He doesn't give them time for lunch and he doesn't pay them enough so the elves can buy food for their families. So, we in the north pole are boycotting Disney even though we love the princesses. We think that the man who is making all the Disney stuff is very bad and every time your mom buys something with the word Disney on it she is giving the bad man money. So again, tell her to stop.
But, you have been very good and do expect to see some extraordinary princess stuff under the tree from me! It just won't have the word Disney on it. And remember to tell your mom NOT to buy anymore Disney stuff!
Santa and the elves

  1. Blogger Amanda said:

    Hi Baby Wit Mama,
    I really like your site and your ideas for cool baby shirts. I'll probably buy one or two for a friend. However, I did want to comment on your politics. Maybe you want to mix it up a little. I would buy a baby wardrobe of shirts with sayings like "Hippies make me crap my pants" and "feminists can kiss my cute little butt" You can use those. Thanks.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    that's awesome! thanks for the advice, now i know what to tell my daughter when she starts asking for all this awful stuff.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    Hey Andrea...this is so awesome. Honoring the princess but not "buying the whole package," as it were. I am inspired by this approach, particularly because I have a girl of my own now and will have to really face the whole thing. The thing being- to learn how to not to throw the princess archetype out with the Satanic corporation. Hmmmm. Thanks. (Angela)

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