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I have got to stop calling everyone guys and dudes

Monday, December 18, 2006

I am always saying things like see you later guys or see you dudes at noon or i'll call you guys later and it is almost inevitably women that I am speaking to. I don't know what my problem is and it has been something I have been working on now for over a year.
I felt particularily bad about my misuse of the word when I was speaking to a couple of lovely transgender ladies in my business class and about doing some contract work on my garage. I ended the conversation with"I will call definetly call you guys later" and felt a sudden chill in the air cause they were definitely NOT very much not guys. I could have hit myself in the face and wanted to apologize but just felt that would make things even worse so I left class. I thought about calling them, chasing them down in their truck to explain that I meant no offense and hadn't thought about their sex UNTIL I called them guys. Now I can't stop thinking about it.
These terms are wiped from my vocabulary now. Really. Nixed. Gone.

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