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Copycats everywhere!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Apparently even original art is not protected. My friend Jennifer has been making these monster shirts for over two years! She came up with the faces, the way they were applied to the shirt...everything and now these two women are copying her technique and selling them on Etsy. If they actually had come up with their own monster faces or designs or application it wouldn't be so bad but both of them had purchased monster shirts from Jennifer and the faces are way to similiar in design to have sprung up on their own. Etsy asked only that they remove the faces that were exact duplicates! One lady didn't even do that!

It wouldn't be so pissy if Jennifer had a bigger company but she is a one woman sewing operation that does this all at home while taking care of two kids. Here is Jennifer's story. And, if you feel angry enough about it please do write to Etsy and tell them their site shouldn't be a place of copycats to distribute their stolen ideas...


But, I have seen it over and over again and have come to expect it. I see Egg and Avocado copying Ashor's closet and NewSkool Designs. The Retrobaby has copied text, keywords, transfer and ideas from my site and others (even forgetting to remove the violated company's name!) They now buy the same exact transfers that I used to purchase from Bang-on, a company that was selling me transfers that did not have license. I removed their collection entirely from my site and moved into creating my own.
It hurts because they are a link farm owned by some guy name Ray who lives on an estate in Florida who runs 60 other linkfarm websites and who doesn't give a shit about anything but making $.
BUT, here is the one thing I have learned...this competition either takes you down or makes you stronger and one must always expected it. I never doubted it would happen to babywit cause the barriers to entrance to making t-shirts is nill. And, you always have to be mixing it up. So, you do and then they can't because there are some original places competitors are unwilling or unable to follow you. And, this in the end, determines your longevity.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    oh, man...
    i know we've discussed this one before. it totally bums me out.
    i actually met with a owner of a nyc store who was purchasing FocoLoco and she had the dishyduds rip-offs there. i made a point to tell her that those ladies were ripping off DishyDuds and that jenn donates to good causes...i don't think she cared. she also carried a ton of other etsy seller wares...some that i asked her about how they were able to license the images they used.
    she had a "not my problem" attitude to the shirts plastered with Bowie album covers and head shots of tom waits.
    i'm dying for someone to hold Etsy.com accountable for all the illegal image useage and stolen artwork it allows to be sold on it.

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