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World Can't Wait October 5th

Thursday, September 14, 2006

So, I have to write about this site because I endorsed it in my newsletter and have already received an e-mail back about it. I debated quite a bit over whether or not to mention this site in my newsletter as it goes out to all my fantastic customers but I felt if I was going to close down the site that I should at least explain why.
I first heard about the site through an email list I belonged to called Coop America. It is a great list with a fantastic group of business owners on it who share resources about how we can become more sustainable. We are all working towards the same goal. Someone new to the list sent out an email asking us to join in shutting down our businesses on Oct 5th. I clicked to the website and went, wow, what a way to alienate A LOT of people. I thought it was way over the top. Topple the Bush Regime. Bloody Coat Hangers. Burning Planets.
But, I wrote back that if there was enough groundswell I would certainly shut down my business. It turned out I was only one of two responses. The author of the original email wrote back wondering if he was in the right place and began talking about what the site was trying to achieve. After much discussion many of us decided that yes, we would support this day (in spite of the bad website.)
That very day I wrote Code Pink, True Majority and my two local weekly papers asking them to spread the word. Code Pink has been the only one to respond back so far.
I decided to support this day because there has been so little I have been able to do or say personally to protest our current administration's domestic policy, the war in Iraq (our behavior internationally.) I have gone to peace marches, I have voted as a Democratic (even though I am not one) I have alienated people through my decision to be obviously partisan on my website. But, in reality, I haven't done much. I haven't hopped a plane to Iraq, I haven't spoken out loud. I am not an activist or a real protestor. So, I suppose, in my mind, this was one way I could really act. I would lose money. I would lose customers but at least, I feel, I would have done something...made a statement that cost me more than my time.
For me personally, it is not about Liberal vs Conservative, Republican vs Democrat but more a protest against the very fiber of our culture; to consume people, animals and resources without any thought for our children. I want things to be a different but I am a much a part of this as anyone else. My daughter cannot swim in our rivers, consume our fish, eat snow, drink water from the sink, eat meat without toxins entering her body.
My best friend is in the Air Force reserves, my neighbor and friend is in the Marines and must leave once a month for reserve duty, my friend's brother is fighting in Iraq as we speak. I have so much respect for these people. This is not a statement against anyone who stands up for our country but more a statement against an administration that would send these people over somewhere to kill other real people for no REAL APPARENT REASON.
Take a moment to contemplate what Daniel Ellsberg, who risked life in prison in 1971 to leak the "pentagon Papers" helping to stop the Vietnam War said to the San Francisco October 5 organizing meeting Thurs.:
What we need at home of course is people who will change their lives, risk their careers and their jobs and their relationships with their families and their bosses and their church groups by taking a stronger stand than most people were ready to take; by saying truths that most people were not ready to hear. Without that courage things like this can't be changed. With it, they may still not be changed, they may fail, but without it, and without mass mobilization there is no chance."

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