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Maybe the appendix does have a function

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I don't know but I have been feeling ill with all sorts of strange things since I had it ripped from my gut. Took me a long time to heal. Then, when I return from Bumbershoot I get this awful head cold that is still with me (I can usually kick these things within 3 days) and yesterday my entire face started burning and got puffy splotches all over it, especially around my eyes. Plus, I just feel tired and weak like a little kitten.
Haven't felt like riding my bike so I head up Going instead of Skidmore at a snail's pace. I am exhausted by the time Ava falls into bed (9 pm) and my appetite is lacking.
I am feeling like shit while trying to keep my business in order. Let's just say that I could use a few days to recuperate.
Last week I missed a second appointment with an artist as I was running around trying to meet with my web guy, plan my wedding anniversary dinner etc etc and I think she finally gave up on me in disgust.
I was late to everything I planned (if I managed to remembered it.) I was in the store and ran into a woman and her child who attends the same preschool as my daughter. She was talking about how cute it was that they walked into school together holding hands. I flipped out because at that instant I knew that I had the car and I was supposed to have picked up my baby half an hour ago. I dropped my groceries and ran out of the store in a panic...and then remembered that we had after school care until 4 pm. When will I have my mind back? I don't know. It makes me realize how very, very important taking care of my body is.
This weekend we get to go up to Seattle again to attend a wedding of a friend who was the 3rd employee of the STG group (my first office job out of college where I learned how to use a computer for more than word processing.) I knew he was marrying the right girl when he told me this story about her. I can't remember the details but someone had written to him something objectional about her. When he told her about it her response was to rub her hands together and exclaim "Juicy." Wow! I knew right then and there that she was the bomb. So, I am extremely excited to see him tie the knot. Plus, we might get to go sailing if we can get our shit together.
My face still burns. I feel like crap. I think I am going to lie prone all day and read some crappy book written by a stripper who traveled across the US hitting all the best spots.

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