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Paychex SUCKS

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I got so fed up with dealing Valerie at Paychex that when Rowell Payroll cold called me I jumped all over them. Not only did paychex fail to inform me that setting up direct deposit would cost me $50 (for just one person), they managed to overpay someone by $200 bucks and when we called in Valerie told me in a most unpleasant way that this was indeed correct. So, I told my employee to go ahead and spend it. When Rowell went over my payroll they questioned this and when I called in she asked me why I was calling in again as she had already explained this to me! I asked her to speak explain it to me as though I only had a nominal understanding of numbers as I just didn't get it. Finally, she admitted she had made an error and when I asked her what to do she told me that since I was no longer with them there wasn't anything she was GOING to do. That I could deduct it out my employee's future paychecks (nice, isn't that.)
So far, this new payroll system has been a breeze. My god. I can't tell you how nice. I go online and fill out the hours when payroll comes around, the check stubs get emailed to me and I write a check. So SIMPLE.
I love these guys and they are family run!

  1. Blogger texas said:

    I live in a small town in Texas and had heard about your wonderful t-shirts through the grapevine, but after reading your blog I am not to sure I will purchase one. You see people have bad days all the time. You do, I do and Valerie probably did too. Maybe, just maybe there was some miscommunication somewhere in the phone conversation. I am almost positive that when she told you she could not do anything for you that was probably what she was instructed to do by her boss. Now you tell me what would you do in her situation? If she disobeys her boss she could lose her job. How do know that she may not be a single mother taking care of kids and this job being her only income. I just hope that you feel better by posting nasty comments on the internet for everyone to read when you don't know one thing about her. Now, you tell me, why would I want to buy a shirt from you when you seem to be so judgmental? Just doesn't seem right does it?


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