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What does Projected Revenues really mean

Saturday, July 01, 2006

It is hard when someone from a paper asks you this question in a form letter and you have to go really low because you chose to have so much going back into new products rather than marketing. You look kind of lame.
Option G is having a sample sale here in Portland this morning along with the dude who makes wallets out of duct tape so I am excited to go git me some goods AND meet one of my very favorite artists. 230 E Burnside 11-2.
I spoke with Harmony yesterday from Harmony fabrics and she rocked my boat. She prints on ORGANIC woven fabric and she was like girl, how come you still using those damn plastisol transfers. Gave me pause. I feel like I am stuck in some bad loop contributing to the environmental degradation of our planet just like everybody else. I keep justifying it by convincing myself that it takes little steps to get to where you need to be and it is a huge risk for me. Plus, screening on t-shirts will increase my inventory and give me little room to experiment with new designs. I will be stuck coming out with 6 or 8 a season and if they don't fly I am stuck with tees I can't get rid of. There would be no sweet toast, no emma goldman, no new artists.
A lot of people I know who run their own business have a second income contributed by their partner but if your partner is a writer/artist/homemaker you don't have that cushion.

  1. Blogger Suzy said:

    geez louise! that would be very brave of you. :)
    i'd love to end up there, but there is no way this little business would survive(or pay any of the bills) if i had to have everything printed directly onto the shirts...scary!
    i guess it can work though...look at threadless.com . they are blowing up and expanding like mad.
    maybe you could do what they do and have votes on the new designs before you have them printed?

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