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Retail Space

Friday, July 07, 2006

We are checking out moving into a retail/industrial space and either renting or selling off our house. It seems about time that we grow a bit more but I am not sure 1,500 sq ft is enough and that is what we could afford right now. I think 3000 is more doable and would give us room to grow.
I am working really hard at getting into developing some interesting new products and my husband and I are bouncing around the idea of number 2. With his second book almost finished we might have more time.
We are going up to Lost Lake today with the members from our kids coop and that should be a blast.
Then next week we are off to SF to visit with friends and enjoy a mini vacation.
My mom was in town last week and we were bickering for the first part of her trip. Of course we had a nice talk the day before she left and were getting along great and then she had to get on a plane. I wish she didn't live so far away...I mean where is Leland, MS anyway?

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