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Small Shows

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Jennifer and I did a couple of shows this weekend. The Organic Beer Festival was pretty pricey for what it was. We were hidden inside a building where no one could find us. We kept hearing laughter and music drifting in from outside and I finally asked if we could move into the sun. We got the thumbs up and found a nice little spot and started to have a bit more fun but still no sales. We packed up 3 hours early and left. Would recommend this show only to people who are selling beer and food.
We did craftiness and had a blast. Not many sales but it is just so much fun hanging out with cool vendors.
We are adding a new artist, looking at some sewing equipment and adding some new stuff on our site.
Alison, the woman we just hired whom we adore is moving to the east coast. Of course, we are bummed but are trying to weather the pain of having her for such a short time.
I like The National. I listened to them while getting my new tattoo; an anatomically correct heart with an oak tree with four branches growing out of it. I got it with my best friend Kelley. She spent the week with me and I already miss her. I am just so glad to have someone that knows me so well and understands pretty much what I am thinking. Plus, we generate some groovy stuff together. I am working on her about moving here but I know her heart is in SF. We figured out while she was here that we were actually in the same band in 7th grade and shared a common friend. Funny.
The heart and the oak tree came from our love of trees. For me it symbolizes how we need to nurture and love the natural world around us or we will not survive. Our hearts are intimately intertwined with the natural world. The health of our world to me is represented by the well being of our trees. Right now, my tree has only one single red leaf left on it.
Why am I a vegan? I don't believe I am a true vegan as others are. I am disgusted by how the animals are treated before they die. I agree with Inga that we are eating bad death when we eat meat. But, I do not believe it is wrong to eat animals or animal products if the animals are treated with respect and are thanked for all that they provide for us. I also feel strongly that I take so much from our planet, being a vegan is my one small effort at using up valuable resources. I also have to admit that every once in awhile I do eat cheese and butter.

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