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Small Business Development Class

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Will get some more information on it but it is given through PCC and offered through the SBD office. The class is pricey but I have only attended one class and one counseling session and already earned that $ back. They sent their quickbooks expert in to look at my books and after a long discussion we decided that I didn't have to keep inventory in QB. This alone will save me around 20 hours a week in paperwork...the work I hate the most. Plus, it will allow me to begin to see the light of day, find out where I am financially, do some forecasting and actually form a business plan. Woo Hoo.
What else? Met with a ton of wonderful ladies last night. Dana from Baby Star, Violet from Kung Fu Bambini, Sarah from Black Wagon, Jennifer from Dishy Duds, Kristin from GoGooseGo and more. I had a bit of fun, actually a lot of fun. They are so inspirational. Plus, we are all at about the same place growth wise right now. So many exciting things happening with these ladies. I feel lucky to be included in this whirlwind of activity. Jennifer is going on TV, there are some exciting partnerships in the works, a couple of new stores opening. Hip Hop.
I am bummed because a space opened up in this warehouse I have been trying to get into but my employees never gave me the message. Violet from Kung Fu Bambini was super fast and picked it up. At least someone cool got it and we are all having a sample sale in their warehouse since two people from the group now have their businesses located there.
But, yes I am looking. We decided that we should sell the house and get our capital out of it and put it back into the business. Now that time is opening up for me and I have all these ideas...
We finished up our final garage sale and are about settled into our new home. We absolutely love it. Even if, during the first week our hot water heater flooded our basement and our washer was throwing itself around and we still don't have lights in places, or shelving in our vanity and our dishwasher didn't have the right hook up; I am in love with the house.
This morning I woke up and smelled summer flowing in through our open window on a gentle breeze. Birds were singing and chirping (they have a small nest with newborns on our front porch) and a tree strokes the skylight in our attic roof when the wind rustles it. I love it. I am so much happier. We all are. Having community around you makes all the difference in the world. I somehow feel like we landed the perfect house in the perfect place for this period of time.
So, I am positive about the outlook of the future to come. It has been a long time since I have had that feeling of hope about my business. Mostly I have felt as though I have simply been trying to excavate myself from massive amounts of paperwork and human resource issues. So, yeah for this class.

  1. Blogger jvan said:

    So this is my first time to post to you! Yay. I have kept up with your blog for about 8 months & am usually too chicken to submit a question. I love your stuff...and I don't hate Bush. I think it is all in fun & hey-- we're in America & exercising our rights-- right!?!? So I get a kick out of everything you do/blog. I have learned a lot about small biz, too! So now I'll get to my ?

    Since your books person said you don't have to keep inventory in QB-- how are you doing it? In your store online? Just wondering what other inventory systems are avail & what works well. Curious.

    Thank ya!

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