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Daily Quote from Dear Abby disturbing

Friday, June 16, 2006

I found this in a yahoo news story/dear abby column about some sod who went around every week and forced all his coworkers to look at photos of his new kid. At the bottom of the column was this quote:
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: "It has been said that man is the only animal who laughs, the only one who weeps, the only one who prays, the only one who walks fully erect, the only one who makes fires, the only one who can invent, the only one with a written language, the only one who is proud, the only one who can make progress, the only one who guides his own destiny, the only one who is penitent, and the only one who needs to be." -- DAVID ELTON TRUEBLOOD

Really turned me off. So American. So thoughtless. So indicative of our current state of being.

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