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craigslist documentary

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I was filmed on the day they made this and thought that I hadn't made it into the cut as I didn't show up in the feature. I was actually quite relieved because I had breastfed on camera. You know when you are breastfeeding it feels perfectly natural (and it is!) to pull down your shirt and brandish a tit for your little one. My breasts had become udders in the purest sense (nipples mangled, touched 24 hours a day) and not sexual in the least to me. But, now, three years later, when I thought of watching my boobies up on a 20 foot screen I just shrank into my skin. Then Klutch wrote me to say he had seen me in the film. The filmakers were so cool and sent me over a copy of the dvd telling me I had made it into the second disc of special features. It took me a full week to get up the nerve to view it. I thought perhaps I never would. You know how awful it is to watch oneself on film.
Alone for a moment, I slipped it in and I waited for my boobies to make an appearance. I cringed when I called Michael Chabon (ok, I never read any of his stuff) a cheap champagne and that I was still declaring myself an artist and that I laughed in a fake manner but they didn't show my breasts and I was so grateful to them. Kiss to you movie makers!

  1. Blogger Vixie said:

    I took a look at the preview on google video. Is that you, multitasking, at the computer, with Ava, mousing with your left hand and holding her with your right?

    What a woman!


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