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Organic Mattresses naturalamericanhome SUCKS

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

So, I make infant sheets and am thinking of adding their crib mattresses to my site and try one of their twin ones for my daughter.
I talk to Susie. We build a relationship. I am also doing business with A Natural Home in NC who sells organic cotton batting to me. I send out a check to pay for the batting but accidently send it to Susie. She cashes it and doesn't tell me about it. The owner of A Natural Home emails me a nasty note to tell me that I better pay up as I am 90 days overdue. I call my bank because my check has been cashed and I figure out what has happened. I email and call Susie at naturalamericanhome. She ignores me. I tell her she can just send me some of her goods instead of returning the money. Delay. Now six months. I write and tell her just to send me a check back. She agrees this might be better. I write again. Nothing. NADA.
Just a word of warning in doing business with http://www.naturalamericanhome.com because they are unresponsive once they have your cash.

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