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Lessons learned

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I can't believe I haven't blogged in over a month. Just shows you what happens when you lag. Damn. Well, I am back now with a ton of new experiences under my belt. In the last month we just purchased a new home that needed some fixing up, produced two coloring books, came out with some new designs and added a ton of organics from AA.

What I learned. 1) that when I see an employee (even if they are a friend) mistreating my business I need to SPEAK UP instead of holding it in for a better moment to talk about it. I have so far reacted rather badly to 1 intern and 2 employees. I held it in until their behavior became so offensive that I flipped out on them rather than acting like a 'mature' adult. I made the situation so much worse because I was unable to view the situation objectively due to all my built up anger. Don't let it build it. It is your business. Take care of it.
Instead of being so freaking nice and saying sure and yes of course and it's all up to ya and do whatever you want to do; if it affects me I need to put my foot down and say hey man, your actions are unacceptable.
2) never partner with anyone unless boundaries are agreed upon before committing resources to the project because someone will just end up feeling like a used snot rag to be tossed away.
3) figure out what your core business is and organize everything else around that. Obvious, I know but I kept pushing the lines out because I did not recognize what my true core business was and no, it ain't baby clothing.
4) go on a vacation at least once a year.

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