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Sooo busy with things

Thursday, March 23, 2006

that I apologize for using my blog to only talk about all the nasty crap that happens to me. We just purchased a two bedroom home off of Alberta Street, our new product is almost finished, we added some organics and have some cool new art coming too!
We are off to SF to exhibit at APE and Tanya is either babysitting or dragging us to all sorts of cultural events. We are having a huge event fundraiser on April 15th and much more as soon as this next project is done.
But, I swear, good things happen to me ALL THE TIME!

Being Boofooed by The View @ ABC

Saturday, March 18, 2006

I was so excited when Jason from The View called me and told me that he would really appreciate it if I overnighted him some shirts as he was going to try and get it on his show. Woo Hoo. Course, I knew they might not make it on. We were cut from the Today Show so I held back my excitement until he called the following week and told me they HAD made them on the show and that there had been a good discussion about them.
Now, anyone who knows me knows that derisive comments don't hurt my feelings (take a look at my fan mail in the about us section) as I love the conversation. So, I was all over these ladies taking my shirts down on major television and was thrilled that they even considered holding up President Poopyhead and My Parents Are Big, Gay Liberals. I don't have cable nor an antenna so I asked my mom to record it for me.
She phoned to say that these ladies had failed to even mention where these shirts came from. Then a friend emailed me to say she had caught The View and at first was like OMG her shirts are on The View and then she couldn't believe what they were saying. She asked me how they had even gotten a hold of my shirts. (I cringed when I told her I myself had pressed them and fed exed them to the show and not only that, fulfilled a request from the producer of the show for another "I already know more than the President" shirt as the first one had already been snagged and not only that had thrown in one of my favorite tees along with it.)
If you are going to talk about me using my child as a billboard, (so unoriginal) the least you can do is mention my freaking name. I was stunned but I suppose it isn't a good fuck unless you are remain an UNNAMED victim.