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Thursday, February 09, 2006

So we started going around to the various programs to see where we could place Ava for September as we are not totally satisfied with her current school. It is more of a daycare environment without real teachers in the classrooms, which is fine for now but I can tell she already wants more. She doesn't even nap anymore so this is difficult for her...to lie still for 2 hours. We were at a public school that also hosted a preschool and just last year due to budget cuts they had to eliminate PE, Music, their librarian and their counselor. It seems like the public school system is being milked out of every book, note, and ball; privatizing and segregating our schools as everyone who can afford to put their kid in a charter school is going that route. Can you believe we live in the wealthiest country in the world and we have one of the shittiest health care and educational systems in the industrialized world? Plus, we have managed to make ourselves a major target in the process.

  1. Blogger Free From the Matrix said:

    I agree that the Oregon public school system needs serious reform. Just one note: charter schools ARE public schools and they are free. Per Oregon's charter school law (and those in most other states), charter schools are not allowed to charge tuition, nor may they charge fees any more than the traditional public schools may.

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