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New month, new year

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I haven't been able to feel the new year because until these damn books are closed I am stuck in 2005. Still working on them. We have lots planned for this new year. We have decided to take the plunge and move quickly into screen printing. The main reason being that we can't really find anyone who will do super small runs with the environmentally sound inks we want to use that we can afford. Our organic line is coming right along although I still haven't found a decent yellow. The CS article came out and of course I sound like a dork in it. I don't know why this keeps happening. I said I thought people were into buying Blondie and Bowie shirts because they were nostalgic for an earlier time in their lives and instead it sounds like I hate parenthood and really miss going to shows. Ok, I do miss going to shows.
Our mural is almost done. Waiting for Klutch to add one more element and then we will show you photos of it. Looks fantastic.
Jim put in some new lights and we now have a cafe ambiance going on.
Ava makes these leaps in thoughts that are delightful to follow. And her obsession with puzzles amazes me. She is also starting to interact more with the kids from her preschool.
Still grinding away at the books so don't bother me now or I may growl.
I decided not to use interns from the Portland School of Design because apparently they want to do internships with real designers rather than people like me who are running a small business.
Tanya will be back in a couple of weeks and is going to live with us! I am so excited I could just dance. We have to find her a set up so she won't run away when she gets here. We are going to have so much freakin' fun.
Kristin is getting into school. Her sustainable building class is rocking her world.
PS only decaf now for 5 days!

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