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Bad People Skills

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I find it highly amusing when I come across someone with worse people skills than my own. I mean mine really really suck so it put me in heaven when a customer called me up and asked if she could exchange her gift because she received this gift (gift was said as though she had just chewed about 300 apple seeds) in the mail and they were these baby shirts (baby shirts was said as though she had just chewed about 300 apple seeds) that she wouldn't have her baby caught dead in. She would never EVER put one of these shirts on her child and she wanted to exchange it for something that she might.

Now I am sitting in my basement fixing up a lamp I broke but I am curious enough about what shirt she could be referring to to put down my tube of krazy glue. Did she get the good lookin' uncle or the Even Jesus Doesn't Love You? I am dying here. I explain that they were each custom made for her so I can't really resell them very easily unless they are one of our best sellers. So I ask her what her shirts say on them and she can barely spit it out and this tickles me too because I am a such a little degenerate.

I received, they gave me...'my mama drinks because I CRY!' and and and STINKY and and don't forget to wipe my ass and caution I bite...

Now come on...how can anyone find stinky offensive? Seriously now...what is wrong with her? That is just so damn cute.

I don't even know how she landed such a generous and fun-lovin' gift being so completely devoid of any sense of humor and peeps skills. It then occurs to me that she called just to tell me how much she hated her shirts because she didn't have the guts to call the actual gift giver and raz them out.

Apparently she did just call to take out her frustration on receiving a gift she felt such contempt for...."If you don't let me exchange all four of them I am just going to throw them in the TRASH."

She called to tell the maker of her gift that I make TRASH.

I am really delighted now because these are without a doubt worse people skills than my own.

I wanted to know her better. I wanted to tell her that I too shared the same affliction as her own and I also had horrific people skills and that sometimes I forgot to brush my teeth before I went out in public, drank too much coffee and then yelled on the phone too much, flipped assholes off, shook my fists at annoying drivers, and said really asinine things too.

I suggested a charity...as someone would find them funny.

  1. Blogger Eden said:

    Hell, she can send 'em to me. My only problem w/ the product is that I can't decide which shirts I like the most. If I got a "mystery grab bag" of these shirts, I'd be thrilled.

    Could she exchange it for one in her size that says, "I have a stick up my ass" ;)?

  1. Blogger Mama M said:

    Can she send them to me too? I'll be the charity. I like Eden's idea for a tee for your new t-shirt fan. Or maybe one that says "I'm an ass because I'm not getting any." No?

  1. Blogger hanna-baby said:

    I am so thrilled to have stumbled onto your website today. I ordered "Available for Playdates" for one of my husband's (used to be a player) friend's new baby boy. How great is it to give your friends gifts to remind them of who they are or used to be.

    This woman's friend who gave these shirts to her should be applauded for being so honest. Maybe her kid is really stinky & maybe she's an over-drinking annoying mom?! If these shirts can't be worn & draw smiles to the onlookers...there's got to be some ounce of thruth in the words.

    You should call her back & tell her to use them to wash her "stinky" baby...or...to wipe the beer from her face!

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