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Jackie Spinner reporter for the Washington Post

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I went to hear her talk about her new novel "TELL THEM I DIDN'T CRY" and was glad I did because I came away with a better understanding of what is happening to our soldiers in Iraq.

She read mostly about how her desire to be in Iraq had a negative impact on her family. She also read a piece her twin sister Jenny had written about her, Jackie being gone.

But, the Q&A session was the most revealing. I don't think anyone can come away from a war experience unchanged and most certainly she did escape away unscathed.

When she was asked if she could confirm that the US used white phosphorous in Fallujah. She said 'I wrote about it. We call it Willy Pete. I don't know what the big deal is now. I wrote about it and so did a lot of other reporters. It burns people's skin off. I wrote about it when I saw it.'

Just go to washintonpost.com and search for it. You will see.

I did a search but couldn't find it. Maybe it's buried somewhere under some other headline.

She talked about how she hung out with all the other reporters and they shared all their information, except for of course, The New York Times (the only independent press left?) whoes reporters remained separate and in a different area. Hmmmm, interesting.

She said that she knew about what was going on at Abu Ghraib long before anything happened. Sabrina had delivered a Papa Johns pizza to her 10 years earlier and had helped her move a desk up her stairs. She was IMing the female torturer Sabrina Harman long before the story broke.

She mentioning to her editor that there was something going on at Abu Ghraib but they brushed it off. When 60 seconds II was going to break the story the editor asked her if she could get something out that day. Her EXCLUSIVE interview with Sabrina was what finally got her into Iraq.

OK, if I knew there was something going on, as a reporter isn't it my duty to make sure that story gets out there rather than sitting on it for 10 months? Am I being overly critical? I don't think she lacked courage as she has certainly demonstrated courage and strong heart by being in Iraq.

When asked about her fellow reporter Jill Carroll she said that they all understood when they went over there that they would not be returning. Jill knew the risk and that she, Jackie, held out less hope for her than others because why or how could they let an American that was that well know go? When she and Jill spoke...well Jill knew the risk.

She said all the reporters were on medication because you do not leave unchanged...except for her...she was not on medication. She did feel anger and had a difficult time feeling any joy since returning to the states.

She felt most angry because here we were supposedly in a war but we in the US did not feel it at all. She felt we should be on rations and wait in lines for our butter. I had to agree with her here. It would be better if we could know we were in a war, a true war with people dying needlessly and I feel certain that if there were rations on butter that there would be no war. There would be such an outcry against an unwanted, SHAMEFUL war if people were being drafted and we had to wait in line for our butter. But, for her to say we are not aware that we are in a war is simply not true. I know it when because our schools have no money, our children have no medical care, our poor live in their cars, our youth cannot attend college. I know we are in a war because everyday I bow my head in shame at this atrocity that my country (that I have) has committed.

After hearing Jackie speak I am most afraid and sad for what this war is doing to those boys over in Iraq. Who will come home?

Igor might not be a snow dog

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Originally uploaded by babywit.
He was cold, even in double layers. But, a trooper. Ran along side us as we slid down the hill toward a river.

Our New Year's Cards

Originally uploaded by babywit.
Kristin did a lot of goccoing. Tanya designed it. It was crazy to try and do this but we loved Tanya's bird so much!

ENK 10 2005

Originally uploaded by babywit.
My sister, me, Thomas from Pookie & Co, Jay our artist, & Violet from Kung Fu Bambini.
These folks made the show a blast.

Bad People Skills

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I find it highly amusing when I come across someone with worse people skills than my own. I mean mine really really suck so it put me in heaven when a customer called me up and asked if she could exchange her gift because she received this gift (gift was said as though she had just chewed about 300 apple seeds) in the mail and they were these baby shirts (baby shirts was said as though she had just chewed about 300 apple seeds) that she wouldn't have her baby caught dead in. She would never EVER put one of these shirts on her child and she wanted to exchange it for something that she might.

Now I am sitting in my basement fixing up a lamp I broke but I am curious enough about what shirt she could be referring to to put down my tube of krazy glue. Did she get the good lookin' uncle or the Even Jesus Doesn't Love You? I am dying here. I explain that they were each custom made for her so I can't really resell them very easily unless they are one of our best sellers. So I ask her what her shirts say on them and she can barely spit it out and this tickles me too because I am a such a little degenerate.

I received, they gave me...'my mama drinks because I CRY!' and and and STINKY and and don't forget to wipe my ass and caution I bite...

Now come on...how can anyone find stinky offensive? Seriously now...what is wrong with her? That is just so damn cute.

I don't even know how she landed such a generous and fun-lovin' gift being so completely devoid of any sense of humor and peeps skills. It then occurs to me that she called just to tell me how much she hated her shirts because she didn't have the guts to call the actual gift giver and raz them out.

Apparently she did just call to take out her frustration on receiving a gift she felt such contempt for...."If you don't let me exchange all four of them I am just going to throw them in the TRASH."

She called to tell the maker of her gift that I make TRASH.

I am really delighted now because these are without a doubt worse people skills than my own.

I wanted to know her better. I wanted to tell her that I too shared the same affliction as her own and I also had horrific people skills and that sometimes I forgot to brush my teeth before I went out in public, drank too much coffee and then yelled on the phone too much, flipped assholes off, shook my fists at annoying drivers, and said really asinine things too.

I suggested a charity...as someone would find them funny.


Thursday, February 09, 2006

So we started going around to the various programs to see where we could place Ava for September as we are not totally satisfied with her current school. It is more of a daycare environment without real teachers in the classrooms, which is fine for now but I can tell she already wants more. She doesn't even nap anymore so this is difficult for her...to lie still for 2 hours. We were at a public school that also hosted a preschool and just last year due to budget cuts they had to eliminate PE, Music, their librarian and their counselor. It seems like the public school system is being milked out of every book, note, and ball; privatizing and segregating our schools as everyone who can afford to put their kid in a charter school is going that route. Can you believe we live in the wealthiest country in the world and we have one of the shittiest health care and educational systems in the industrialized world? Plus, we have managed to make ourselves a major target in the process.

New month, new year

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I haven't been able to feel the new year because until these damn books are closed I am stuck in 2005. Still working on them. We have lots planned for this new year. We have decided to take the plunge and move quickly into screen printing. The main reason being that we can't really find anyone who will do super small runs with the environmentally sound inks we want to use that we can afford. Our organic line is coming right along although I still haven't found a decent yellow. The CS article came out and of course I sound like a dork in it. I don't know why this keeps happening. I said I thought people were into buying Blondie and Bowie shirts because they were nostalgic for an earlier time in their lives and instead it sounds like I hate parenthood and really miss going to shows. Ok, I do miss going to shows.
Our mural is almost done. Waiting for Klutch to add one more element and then we will show you photos of it. Looks fantastic.
Jim put in some new lights and we now have a cafe ambiance going on.
Ava makes these leaps in thoughts that are delightful to follow. And her obsession with puzzles amazes me. She is also starting to interact more with the kids from her preschool.
Still grinding away at the books so don't bother me now or I may growl.
I decided not to use interns from the Portland School of Design because apparently they want to do internships with real designers rather than people like me who are running a small business.
Tanya will be back in a couple of weeks and is going to live with us! I am so excited I could just dance. We have to find her a set up so she won't run away when she gets here. We are going to have so much freakin' fun.
Kristin is getting into school. Her sustainable building class is rocking her world.
PS only decaf now for 5 days!