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Wal mart movie, Busy as all get out, venting system, sweet toast

Friday, December 02, 2005

We had a screening party last month and invited our kids coop over for a buffet of white trash food. Boxed wine, coors light, chili with chips, velveeta cheese in the crock pot. Yum. The movie was amazingly well done. It gave a complete picture of how much Wal-mart is actually costing us in welfare for their employees, lost jobs that actually do pay, the pillaging of small towns, how it is simply a thoroughfare for goods from China (see this month's Harper for an excellent article on the industrialization of China) and the thing that stuck out in my mind...the Wal Mart heirs had built this gigantic underground fort with crazy barbed wire fencing for the end of the world scenario. Also, the fund to help out employees who endured a tragedy...contributions by employees a few million and by Wal Mart six thousand bucks.

We are suddenly swamped. What happened? People decided to do some holiday shopping, that's what. Crazy stuff. Happy about it but slightly overwhelmed. And I was just starting to catch up on my accounting. We finally got a ventilation system into our garage. We needed it so badly and Joseph, green builder man, came over today and installed it. He started talking about this can of hot pink spray paint used to paint flowers with and we somehow ended up painting it hot pink. Looks good, eh? We also gave Joseph and his girlfriend matching Sweet Toast shirts. We know these are going to become hot sellers. Just check it out.

Jim is off to the coast for his retreat and to find his way back into his second novel. He plans on biking back from the coast. What a man. Yum.

I ran in the rain today. I pressed a lot of shirts. Jim wrote some code so we could remove out of stock items from the pull down menus. He also managed to remove the band aid from Ava's forehead that was stuck in her hair. Gwen came in and started doing the bookkeeping. I think she is going to save my life. Seriously.

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