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Vegan all the way

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Jim is reading the China Study (a gift from my mom who is successfully fighting her ovarian cancer) after I mentioned the amazing correlations in this book. They are nearly perfect ones and I haven't seen anything like them at any time during school (except for the ones that were manipulated to show what a perfect correlation should look like) and I studies stats heavily. Let's just say that you dream of finding correlations like this when doing studies. They are irrefutable. The study in this book basically tells us that heart disease and cancer and diabetes are all diseases of affluence (the eating of flesh and dairy products.) We were at dinner last night and both ordered the only Vegan dish on the menu at Lovely Hula Hands and it was good. I hope that the movement to stop consuming animal products will happen more quickly now that this book is out. Not only could it possibly save our planet, stop the rampage of cancers in its tracks (my father and aunt both died of cancer and my mom just got diagnosed with cancer) but maybe there will be some decent tasting vegan restaurants that will come into being.
Klutch just got mentioned in the NY Times Weekly and Time Magazine. I have never personally known an artist who was just coming into being so it is really exciting. He starts on our mural later this month and we are psyched.
The windows in our warehouse are finished and we now have light, lots of light.

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