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Street Art

Thursday, December 15, 2005

So lots of wonderful stuff. Went over to Klutch's new pad this morning to check out the artwork and he spent an hour rocking my world by showing me some of the most amazing artists I have ever seen. I think my favorite artist by far is Swoon. He also showed me art by Twist and it blows my mind that I don't remember seeing his stuff when I lived in SF. Must have been drunk the entire time. haha Didn't see. Couldn't see. He also told me about this bathroom in Valentines (a deli near Voo Doo Donuts) that has a tower built out over the toilet and is seriously the best installation piece in Portland. I plan to head over there tomorrow.
Klutch's work space had this amazing venting system on it. Has to be powerful with all the fumes he produces. He plugged it in and the air whipped through the room...but I could barely hear him with it on. It was installed in front of a board that had a pulley on it to open the board when fresh air was needed. I think I need one of these. Our venting system is so quiet you can't tell it's on but it doesn't seem to be sucking the air out at the rate we need it to be pulled out of the room. His studio walls are already being covered in his art. What I like best about him beyond his art is his passion for it. I keep meeting up with him expecting to spend less than an hour with him and can't pull myself away from the visuals.
I made some vegetable fritters that weren't too bad tonight.
Bad news...fed ex doesn't guarantee on time delivery of their ground packages! I am like, why the hell would I use you unless you can guarantee me an on time delivery? Jeez. So I had to upgrade everyone who had selected fed ex ground to express. Deadline is now the 18th using fed ex.
Also, joy of joys, I found that the labels seem to have decided that they can't stick to our packages when it gets too cold for them so now we have packages floating around without addresses on them. Hmmm. I hope we make it through the holidays.

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