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Monday, December 05, 2005

I am reading John Robbins old book A diet for a new america and feel so odd.
I know countless vegetarians who talk of a healthier diet and of the horror inflicted upon the animals we devour but man, when it comes to looking at a pulled pork sandwich their concerns seemed silly. A friend in our birthing group was a vegetarian and I imagined their poor child wilting away from lack of protein. I know about the four food groups. I know about protein being the building blocks of our bodies. I was taught these things in school. Little did I know how even back then corporations were infiltrating our very beings. It is bizarre when you suddenly realize that everything you believe in is a fabrication originating from corporations needing to push pigs, cows and chicks.

A veil being pierced is right on. How indoctrinated I have been with the viewpoint that protein, especially the protein of flesh is necessary to maintaining good health. Milk does a body good. Beef gives you strength. When I realized my daughter had a dairy allergy I added more meat and eggs to her diet not realizing I was doing her a disservice. Whenever I showed low on iron I would go out and eat a big steak. I took calcium pills because I was lactose intolerant. I thought eating all those yogurts would get me my calcium. I suppose that it really makes a great deal of sense. We live in a country fueled by profit and there is nothing more important than lowering costs and driving up profit leaving things that cannot be counted in monetary terms (bought and sold) left out completely.

If ever there was a book to alter my meat eating habits, this one would be it. I just received the food revolution, his newer book.

My husband and I have been at conflict over switching to a vegetarian diet. I have been pushing for it for a long while simply because I hate having meat in the house with a child. I no longer want to feed her eggs (the perfect protein according to the egg board) but this one will be a hard one to convince my husband of. I felt so odd when he asked me to purchase him some chicken breasts for his chicken marsala. There were three in the package with the skin still on. The package was sitting in a giant meat case surrounded by many other packages all containing chicken parts. Some of the chicks had been raised in the south. I live in Portland, OR. This is such a weird place. It really is.

Our windows are being put in today. I think it will all be worth it in the end but today when I was trying to pull shirts from the seconds I nearly started crying in all the chaos. I put on some music and felt a bit better.

Here's to a new view...

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