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I am a bad bad customer service rep

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Customers who don't get their order because of our screw up and who demand we ship them sale tees at sale prices and ship it express and get it to them right away because we are absolute screwups and she is a manager and would never talk to a customer the way I am and she spends tons of money on my site and all her friends do and on and on and I am just like "I HATE YOU" and want to just refund you your damn money because you suck and the entire time I KNOW that I am acting badly and should be calming and reassuring under such demands but threats and demands are something I don't deal well with, especially with tons of wonderful people calling with pleasantries, well wishes and more all waiting for their shirts.
As a manager she should know that the best way to get something you want is to ask nicely. I would have bent over backwards if she hadn't been telling Kristin that she should get this and that because of our screw up. I was listening to their conversation and just getting more and more pissed and I KNOW this isn't the proper way to behave but I can't help it. I got on the phone and told her I wanted to refund her her $ and she could go out and get some other gifts from a nicer more responsible company. She demanded her order be shipped out TODAY. I finally turned the phone back over to Kristin informing the lady in Orlando FL that Kristin was a much nicer person than I (after the lady told me she would NEVER treat a customer the way I am.) I want to just refund her her damn money but Kristin won't let me. Hopefully she writes for the Orlando Sentinal and will spread the word about what a damn bitch I am.

OK I finally calmed down enough to write her a nice apology letter. I really am sorry. I can't believe I am so horrible as to not want to sell her my shirts.

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