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Thankful oh so thankful

Friday, November 25, 2005

Where do I begin? Never able to work in groups, always bored with my job after about 3 months, a heavy binge drinker on the weekends, meekly painting, searching for love with a reputation for being utterly insane...I was insane. Watching my life slip away without dignity or meaning yet filled with the poignancy of extremes made me act out in ways that do not deserve words.
Now I am filled to the top making a life I am excited about. I am addicted to the process of creation and birth. With Jim I am discovering what love really means. With Ava I now am beginning to understand the responsibility that comes with creation and the rewards. Never have I felt so lucky to be a part of a process that makes us universally human. I hope that I may not be so selfish in my own creating and tending as to not help others to discover this beauty. I now understand why people teach.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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