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President Poopyhead

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The NY Observer did an article that mentioned our political t-shirts. The reporter interviewed quite a few of my customers and quoted Stephanie Dolgoff on why she put her children in anti bush shirts. They naturally didn't publish our retort (see blog before last children as billboards) and now some right wing asswipe from the WSJ is holding up her comments as being an example of what is wrong with the Democrats (I might have to agree with him on the lack of cohesiveness on the part of the Democratic party and that the first show of strength that the Democrats have demonstrated in recent years IS their (I am not registered as a D) dislike over our current administration BUT it was idiots such as Taranto who re-elected him for a second term and thank god there is a term limit as he would probably vote for him a third term) and from here a ton of God Fearing Right Wing Christians have equated Stephanie with a Palestinian terrorist and Michael Medved even called to ask her on his radio show by telling her he puts his 15 month old in a Bush/Cheney t-shirt (bet those are flying off the shelves these days.) She is a reporter for SELF and another idiot even called in to say he was terminating his subscription because Stephani dressed her children in anti bush shirts. Pathetic? Imagine that your biggest concern is what other people dress their children in rather than what is going into your drinking water, that all your tax dollars are funding an unjustified war and that everyday you support making your environment more toxic for your children.
I think it pretty telling that people are getting that worked up about a shirt that says President Poopyhead. Best part is that we got the WSJ to publish the words President Poopyhead.

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