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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Running around in circles trying to avoid bookkeeping. It just sits there staring at me. I want to escape from it but there is nowhere to go. I have to start in on it today.
Been working on this new line of shirts that kicks ass. Slowly the pieces come together and I am absolutely amazed at what is coming out of it. This is my favorite part of my job. Creating something so new and exciting that I am jumping out of my skin. Perhaps I am delusional but who gives a hay?
Relatives visited all last week and Jim was upset that I was too busy with work to hang out during the day. Not only did we get back onto google, we also got into the NY Observer AND the coolbabysheet site was reviewed by daily candy. That site has been sitting there just waiting to die out. I have put so little into promoting it that I was a bit bummed to have it take off so suddenly. Orders have been flying in but somehow I am just not that interested in it anymore. They are freakin cool though.
What else? We are going to have the walls of our garage spraypainted by a totally amazing stencil artist.
I went to a really lame gift fair (I think 3 people came through) that was advertised as kid oriented (one face painter who left after an hour) but I did get to meet the folks from Herbivore Magazine and you know when you meet someone and you can't stop talking shop? You just get so engrossed in exchanging information? Merging of ideas. So much came out of that meeting for me.
I am taking Jens stencil making class next week and can't wait to make little gnomes and such.
My husband says I look so punk rock when I get up in the morning and don't do anything to my hair.
Ava started using the word WHY? She flies around the house like a mad child flying on airplanes, playing with dragons...I wonder if all children have this much imagination. I can barely remember myself.
Started reading that five pound book and love it although can only absorb about 8 pages a night.

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