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Halloween was a blast!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

This year was the most fun I have had since I was a child. Three days of serious parties, great costumes and lots of giggles. Ava was a jr. zookeeper for three of the parties and a princess for the fourth. I am really bad at costuming but I took a nightgown and sewed race cars over the disney princesses and she was princess of the cars and trucks. For the zookeeper costume she had a monkey wrapped around her waist, some cool shades and of course knee high socks and tivas. Last night we hit two parties. First, we met up with Jennifer & family from DishyDuds at the Kennedy School. They open the doors for storytelling and employees stand out in the hallways passing out candy. It is an absolute madhouse. Ava stood in disbelief when she realized that all she had to do was open her bag to get candy.
We are getting ready to launch a coop site in the venus issue. Ad copy goes in today. It makes sense, four business owners going in together to purchase ad space.
Kristin brought me flowers and some voodoo donuts when I returned from NYC. I still can't believe how lucky I got to have her working for me. Now if only Tanya would return we would be the gang again.
I am going to ask z to do some sketches for me for a new site (another one) I am about to launch. I think everyone will laugh their pants off. I am while making it.
I launched the affiliates program but don't really know how to market it as we are not on google right now. We are working on getting reindexed but it sucks to know that a competitor can come in, rip you off, stick it to you in the arse AND give you a phone call to gloat. I am still holding the phone receiver in disbelief.

  1. Blogger Old Mel said:

    [Mel here] Holy shit! Cannot believe the buy from Florida. That "retrobaby" is whack! It seems like he even stole several literary stylings from you! And his "cool baby t-shirts" are SO not cool, whatevs.

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