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Crave, rats and more

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

the rat(s) ate through my computer cord. They have entered our living space from the basement. We tried to seal off the entrance from the basement by stuffing towels into the hole but they ate through them. The mouse died yesterday in a trap. The rats eat the food off the trap leaving behind just enough not to set it off. A rat exterminator gave us a quote of 1200. We balked. He explained they are very difficult to get rid of and they would come back as many times as it took to make sure they were gone. For that price we could get a regular exterminator to come back over a dozen times.

I am doing this fun party/show at the Jupiter hotel tonight with the gals from diyportland.com. We just set up this site and it needs a lot more work but we needed a way to advertise as a coop. Plus, our stuff is really cool.

Joseph, green builder man, is putting in a vent tomorrow so we will be getting a good air exchange and when you call us we won't sound like we are high anymore.
Reading Hunger's Brides...the 5 lb book and am now 1/132 of the way through it. Heh.

Jim's editor told him he needed to chop his book by another 60 pages. This is after 6 months of editing it down by 1/3. She gave him a word count and he based his first edit on what she told him. So frustrating. If you can imagine cutting down a novel written by someone with severe ADD...tons of characters, skipping through time, strings throughout the book where if you pull one you must redo the whole book but it reads like nothing else I have read. I am sad to see this editing going on. So much of the feel of the book is being lost. Plus, she cut one of my favorite characters. Jim says he is going to self publish all the cut parts in a separate kit that comes with individual pages and a glue stick. There will be pages 36a-36k to insert. I think it a brilliant idea. He is off for a week into the woods to try and get back into his second novel. The time for this book is now. So much is coming out now on the topic he started writing about over a year ago. He lost so much by momentum by editing his first book. I hope he is able to place himself back into it.

Kristin and I went to see the Vinyl Killers show and there was some great stuff at the good foot. Afterwards we headed over to voodoo donuts and picked up a dozen chocolate peanut butter donuts and ate half of them on the way home. These are THE best donuts ever made.
Klutch is coming in over the holidays to do a huge mural of the girls band camp on our walls. We are dying in anticipation.

My credit card company changed their payment address without sending an official letter out announcing the change and I use bill pay so all my payments were going to some old address. I am getting over limit charges, late charges and Klutch's check is about to bounce. Capital One SUCKS and I am dumping them as soon as I get my mileage points out. I think their customer service is somewhere in Bangladesh.

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