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Crave, almost tow and xmas trees

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I went to set up at the jupiter hotel and come to find that the room is the size of two bathrooms. The vendor who has half the space brought along an enourmous xmas tree as she wanted to make sure to make good use of the $ she had spent. I wanted to assure her that she had already done it with her dining-room sized table but after accessing the situation I thought it better to leave Violet the other half and bale out of the party. I mean she had originally paid for the space and seriously folks, there was very little room in there.

Naturally while I was there unloading my car was being towed. I came out just in time and the tow man actually unhooked me and gave my car back to me. If I had been in SF I am sure that would never have happened. I walked away relieved not to deal with all that holiday sale. I hate selling my shit and came home feeling very holiday like indeed.

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