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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Get SMART and volunteer! Join thousands of Oregonians to give our children the chance they deserve to succeed.
I chose to donate to SMART because of their tagline. Most non profits make me feel like I am some sort of do gooder, which I am definetly not but this tagline says it all. The chance they DESERVE. The whole crux of the matter lies here. Our children, as citizens of the US of A deserve a fair shake. Deserve to be educated and deserve to be clothed, housed and fed. If there is a lot of anger it comes from the fact that these kids deserve these things and they are being denied access to these things. I know that if I saw my kid falling behind because I couldn't be around to guide her, feed her, do her homework with her after school AND the education she has been promised is a joke AND the school lunch she does get is a load of crap I might just be pissed off too. And, to make it all worse people made me feel like I was taking a handout and should be grateful for it every time I used a WIC check to buy some nasty assed hormone filled Milk for my child from some pimply faced grocery clerk, I'd be even more pissed off.
The tagline for this non profit is telling us that there is something WRONG with our educational system because these kids DESERVE this. It is their right and they are not getting it and as good citizens we should volunteer for this project. And, not because we are Christians or do gooders trying to creep into heaven but because we are trying to protect the very heart of what this country is built upon. So, get out there and read to some kids because the best escape from the world you are in is having the ability to fall into the words of another world which in turn fuels the hope, the imagination and the drive to mesh the world one reads about into one's own.

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