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Paranoid? Probably but the results are good

Sunday, October 02, 2005

I threw out all my skin products, shampoos, creams etc because they all contained parabens and other assorted goodies. I think I only have a couple of products that made it through the raid. I have gone all the way to the other side and even installed a water filtration system for the kitchen sink and the shower and I have to tell everyone the results. At first my skin reacted negatively and I got some veeeery large and scary blemishes but seriously folks, I am not kidding, after two weeks my skin is softer and younger looking than it has been in years. And, this is all from using products that have ingredient lists that I can actually decipher. I also tend to avoid products with wax or other heavy substances in them. WOW. I am touching my skin right now and ooooing. ooooooohhhh!.
I am ordering all my stuff from either Toms of Maine, Dr. Bronners or my sister-in-law's sitebecause these are the only products out there I have found that are affordable and have an ingredients list that is pretty simple. Also, Sarah's product is pretty cool. She does her R&D over her kitchen sink while her three kids are running around so I KNOW she doesn't put anything in there she wouldn't want to expose her kids to. Plus, it smells so darn good.
I am behind in marketing. We have a new employee (Shannon) coming in Monday so I need to clean up and make her feel welcome. Also, a new intern from the fashion institute starts this week. Pulse underwear picked up our last one and she is now a full time designer for them. Go Briana!
We have some seriously hysterical shirts coming out next month. I won't give anything away but I am laughing just thinking about them. Hoodies are up! Flock is up! New shirts are up! We have some l/s garment dyed onesies on their way!

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