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Keeping Books and Long Term Plan for BW

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My head is throbbing. Has been all day long. I think I need reading glasses. I have been in a simply awful mood. I started trying to catch up on bookkeeping and I haven't done any since ummm April. I started doing it on one computer because my husband kidnapped my laptop due to a virus invading his. My sister also has a computer virus. My hatred for spamming is unending. Anyways, I managed to work on the file on one computer and then forgot to bring it to my new computer so I just lost 3 hours of work performing the task I hate the most.

BTW, Jim pointed out that my last blog may have implied that I either had a boyfriend or I was Kristin's lover, neither of which is true (although Kristin is a cutie pie!) So, just to clarify what I meant to say that we miss Tanya. We call her every day and we are having difficulty getting used to someone taking her place. I was making a very ADD analogy between Tanya and that boyfriend. My apologies. My thoughts are all over and I jump way too fast.

So many things happened this weekend that I hardly know where to begin so I will give a brief overview.

People are constantly asking me about my business plan and I always come back with "I have no idea where I want this to go." I mean I started it as a bit of a joke and never expected it to take off (thanks to google!) Well, now I do. I know exactly where I want to go. I watched "The Corporation" and "Blue Vinyl" this weekend and realize now that my long term goal of 10 years is to be making infant products that are 100% sustainable. I am running over with ideas. Insane ideas but at least now I know how I want to steer this boat. I also took my first screenprinting class this weekend and came away only wanting more.

I am making Kristin & Stephanie watch "The Corporation" and then I am going to meet with them and we are going to get BUSY.

Also, AA's CEO stood right in front of my friend's booth and asked one of his female models to put on a different shirt. She said she didn't have anything underneath and he still asked her to do it so she stood in a tradeshow and exposed herself and not willingly. Can you imagine being that girl? I was so messed up from hearing this and am extremely disappointed because of where I was going to go with AA's sustainable line. Obviously I can no longer consider this and have to really think about moving away from AA, plus it will take me longer to find an organic source I can afford.

  1. Blogger Kathleen Fasanella said:

    May I suggest perusing the database for blanks at co-op america? I used to list AA in my sidebar (my site is anti-sweatshop so they were a good resource) but with so many complaints about Don, I had to reconsider.

    Also, keeping in mind that you can't please everyone, the inks used in screenprinting are environmentally unkind. I found a resource for that you might want to check into http://www.fashion-incubator.com/mt/archives/speaking_of_tees.html

    I found your site from Frank who mentioned your problems with that other company. I was coming to research your copyright infringement but got sidetracked on this. Best of continued success to you both.

    Bush is a poopy-head.

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