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Have any of you ever done this?

Friday, October 07, 2005

Met the perfect boyfriend only to find he was moving away and when trying to replace his presence because you missed him so damn much you did psycho things like date really great guys but dump them right away because they just weren't the same? Kristin and I are on the rebound. Enough said about that.
Tonight I am going to go check out some stencil artist. I really want to get into this art form so I am excited about what I will see.
So about working with retailers....I have a huge problem. Everyone else plans their fall and spring lines way ahead of time. They sell them months in advance. The designs don't come out for a year after thinking of them. It seems like the fashion and publishing industry move at the same pace and here I am making new designs that have to get on a shirt that month or it is old news to me. Every month I am adding at least 5 new designs and so when I go to print with a catalog, by the time it is shipped out to stores, at least 5 to 10 new designs are not in the catalog but are being sold on the site. And, get this...I can't stop myself. No way. I love making new shirts and to have to wait an entire season to bring it out...?! I want to see people choke on their soda today, not next season. My dilemma I know and I am dealing. Counseling has been suggested. I just think that eventually the Internet will speed up the fashion and publishing industry. Here is what is funny...the big fashion trend site that sets fashions way ahead is already behind! They are talking graffiti elements for next year and it is here no...ta da.

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