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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

We love google. We adore google. It was the first search engine I developed a personal relationship with. 2001. I even remember the first time I used it and I haven't looked back. I loved the simple, uncluttered interface (something I can't seem to achieve...uncluttered I mean) and adored its sense of humor. But, we are sad that they are going corporate. We are sad that they have made people create ridiculous link exchange pages that have nothing to do with anything. Huge taxonomies that are not based on a damn thing. Link whores. I hate going to someone's site and finding useless links you need to sift through to get to anything good. Now, sites like punkymoms.com or the bust.com directory are awesome because they commit to some editing but I don't get those sites that allow you to add your site willy nilly without any editing simply for providing a link back. UGH. Just wondering if google's algorthem factors in at all the depth people go into the site once they have found it through a search term? The further people tool around on a site the more likely it is relevant to what they were looking for in the first place; either that or it is simply a way cool site. Jim suggested that google just let folks see behind the curtain. This site ranks high because tons of other sites link to it. Or this site ranks high because of its relevance to the search term.

I am making a shirt for myself that on the front says FUCK BUSH FUCK SWA FUCK YOU and on the inside is the 1st amendment. Just in case I get stopped while flying. Jim thought of this little jewel.

PS I applied for a dream job at google about three years ago. They never wrote me back.

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