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Thursday, October 27, 2005

This tradeshow was actually better attended than MagicKIDS. The aisles weren't packed as I had been led to believe but there was a lot more going on there than in Las Vegas. Lots of really fantastic vendors that impressed me.
Ashor's Room
my favorite vendor by far. really original stuff and way far ahead of me with the organic shirts.
They were doing really cool kids jackets. Saw something like what BonnieheartClyde is doing except on jackets.

Fauna shirts distributed by Areaware
they were pricey but did cool stuff with the sustainable line at AA. Love their screenprints.
I think out of all the shows I have attended I would definitely recommend this one over all the others. The company we shared our booth with did really well. Pooki picked up a huge order from Barney's and garnered some press attention as well.
It was great hanging out with Marie and Thomas. They are simply some of the nicest (and funniest) people I have met. I like Pooki's because there are some very real stories behind those critters. They might not be told on their website but they make Pooki's special in my mind.
But from this experience I have discovered that tradeshows are simply not for me. My selection too overwhelming, my inability to put together a decent catalog, the exclusive use of American made blanks and my desire to produce new stuff at a drop of a pin makes it more of an Internet product and much less of a wholesale boutique product. This show has made me realize that I need to refocus on my Internet sales and drop the entire tradeshow circuit. It is simply not right for the product I am making. Also, doing tradeshows is a painful experience for me. It is the place people steal things from you and every time I attend one I get some cease and desist order the next week (Dr. Seuss, thing 1 and thing 2, KISS for my take off with KIDS etc) Not only that, it costs of ton of money to attend, takes me away from my daughter and husband and stresses me out. The whole scene makes me feel bleak and want to belch at the people who run it because they need someone to belch in their face.
I have a great little antidote that encapsulates my experience at ENK.
The second day at the show around 3 pm I suddenly become seriously ill. I call my hospital in Portland, OR and they tell me to immediately go to the nearest emergency room and not to go alone. Thank goodness my sister is there with me. We knock at the ENK office asking if they can help us get a taxi to the nearest emergency room. She takes us over to a man who pulls out his walkie talkie and asks if we need an ambulance. I tell him a taxi is fine but I do need to get to the ER ASAP. He summons up a "car" and we run out to find an available taxi just sitting there. He shoos it away to let his car pull up. We are rather surprised. We ask how much his car is. He tells us it is $20. He then tells us it will be very difficult to find a taxi at this point ($8) so we give in and get in his damn car. The driver takes us to the wrong side of the hospital and charges me $27. I have to walk around the entire hospital in Wilma's passing wrath. Yup. That sums up my experience at the ENK show. Thanks Stanley for not much of anything.
I talked with some folks at the show who told me VT had the largest concentration of organic farmers in the US.
I visited the Marlborough Gallery and found my great uncle's work selling for 300K. I guess I won't be picking up any of his pieces anytime soon. He is apparently becoming a rather big deal as he is one of the first Chinese artists to bridge the eastern/western gap. I know I inherited some of his artistic talent. I can recreate any color from paint just by looking at it. That is pretty cool, eh?
I hooked up with Tanya and J and can't believe they live so far away now. I also realized they aren't coming back to Portland because they found it way too clique and white. This depressed me. Made me want to move to New Zealand.
I spent more time with Violet from www.kungfubambini.com and really like her. She is good folk. She is going to help me get the Misfats to play at Jim's book signing next year. Should be a good party.
Gabriella stopped by for a quick visit and it was so good to see her again. I hooked her and Thomas up so hopefully they will contact one another when back in Paris.
We just got in our garment dyed long sleeved one pieces and we cannot believe how good they look.
So here is an example of someone stealing my idea of putting cool transfers on kids shirts...they even took some of my images:
No mailing address, no phone number. Did they buy all of Holoubek's old man's vintage stock or are they just out and out illegal? Funny, because before I chose baby wit I as going to go with retrobaby but the url was already taken. Whoa. Weird.
I wonder if they are from Florida because I just got a call from some dude in Florida who saw we were dropped from google (been waiting around for that one I am sure) and wanted to buy our URL because he owns a ton of kids shops down there. Hmmmm...

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