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Magic KIDS Show a huge disappointment

Friday, September 02, 2005

I would totally avoid this show if I were making kids clothing and couldn't get into the streetwear section and if you do anything funky at all you have to be in streetwear or your buyers won't find you. A very expensive lesson to learn so I hope to pass this info onto other companies before they make the same mistake. AVOID IT. It actually pisses me off that Magic even has a Kids section AND Deborah Haessig promotes it like she does. I mean, these are very small businesses throwing a lot of money to this show and to come away with THREE orders is terrifying. Most of the vendors around me did this amount in orders and unless you had been around for awhile and made appointments you came out with this. I mean, my god, the tie dye vendor did "well" with 10 orders and I did this in one day at the LA gift show (1/5 the cost.) I am pissed because I tried to back out when I heard how bad it had been the year before. I tried to get moved to the streetwear section but Deborah kept pumping me up and selling me on the kids section. I don't understand why no one else online is railing this show. Warning, stay away from this show. Might change over the next 5 years but I would definitely walk it before you committed.

I did the kids show across the way in the Riviera the year before and it was 1/10 the cost but the foot traffic wasn't there either but at loss was a lot less. Have a feeling this show has the potential to grow. It would be much more cost effective to do direct mailings to your retailers. I am going to do the ENK show in NYC in October and see how that goes. If it doesn't do well I am going to step away from these wholesale shows altogether. Believe it or not, I was able to convince Jim to let me do this one in NYC even after I came back with nothing from Magic...mainly because my sister lives in NYC.

I did come away getting to know some really nice exhibitors (we had a lot of time on our hands.) I met Michele from UB Baby who has a cool new baby line that is totally groovy and sparkly and a toy company called pooki & Co. The designer of this company turned out to have known my sister in 1998. How wild is that? I am trying to share a booth at the ENK show with either UB Baby or Pooki so the risk will be less. I will let you know how it goes.

The owner of newskool.com has just awesome shirts...you should check his stuff out. I met him at the SF gift show and he is the first competitor I have met who has the same attitude about it all. There are so many freaking t-shirts out there and jeezus, it is way better to help the good guys than to be an overprotective little freak who mistrusts everyone and goes around spreading nasty rumours about all competitors. It is so much more fun to be in a community of t-shirt makers than to be so closed to everyone. I am not stupid enough to share a booth with a direct competitor nor would I pass out my sources to just anyone but I certainly do believe in supporting products you believe in either through word of mouth or through sharing of sources. I know there is tons of stealingand back stabbing out there but if the good guys stick together and help one another...just my thoughts. I don't see an issue with promoting your competitors if you really dig their product. Isn't the whole goal to get babies into cool clothing and grow this market? Am I just an idiot? Will I learn my lesson in the next two years after getting run over, back stabbed, messed with, trampled on? Will I succumb to the pressures of running a small business and become just like everyone else? Stay tuned. Perhaps you yourself can witness the my demise.

I am so hungover. With no parties to go to and feeling quite depressed that i had thrown away our family's new car (we need one badly, our suburu is eating dust these days) I overdid it and got drunk in the hotel bar, gambled at black jack with a $50 minimum (don't worry, I know when to quit...I came away with $70 in winnings) and went to the double down to see a damn good blues band and then came back and rode a statue and then woke up in the morning feeling utterly ill but now I can't even spell because I killed so many brain cells but to put it all into perspective my doorman reminded me that at least I was not in New Orleans right now.

My friend's parents got out. His stepdad was in the hospital getting his cancer treatment but they finally all got flown out to Houston by Black Hawks to Houston. Doesn't it suck that right now all our resources are over in Iraq for some pointless war for oil, while the oil rigs in New Orleans went bye bye and people are trapped inside the city without food, electricity, water etc and are looting and stealing and the President comes on TV worried about getting the looters. Get them out of there. What the hell would you do if you were stuck in the city? Eh?
It is amazing all the people opening their homes to the refugees.
More laters...I need to shower....

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