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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Kelley is out of ICU and her liver kicked back in! It really is a miracle but now I have to stop drinking any and all alcohol because I KNOW the only reason she was allowed a second chance was because of that stupid promise I made to a higher power. I have adopted new lines like "I am not drinking tonight" or "I think I may be pregnant". I will have to share these with Kelley when I see her in October. I think she will like my list and find it quite helpful in social situations.
The Magic show is having after effects. I had to let Kay go. We got drunk together our last night in Vegas and she told me she didn't have to come in anymore for awhile. I was like "Thank you, that would be great, because I can't afford to pay you right now." Hopefully, things will pick up after the NY show and I can rehire her. I don't know if she will want to come back as she is starting nursing school.
My brother-in-law called me to commiserate about tradeshows. He and his wife took her most amazing soap and made a business out of it. They opened a retail store and have been going to wholesale tradeshows. They get most of their business from these shows. If you bathe with her soap you will want more. It smells so good and is all natural. She comes up with some damn creative new scents and texture combos. I have seen lots of soaps but hers was somehow special. Made you feel fresh. They weren't too heavy. The scent was subtle. But, they got placed badly in one of these shows and now Dan is looking for a second income to support his family.
I have been trying to figure out how to help with Katrina. I think I will send some $ to my friend Stoo in Texas and the other half I will give to www.loveourchildrenusa.org. I have talked to Ross a year ago when I was trying to convince her to make a "What would Nancy Carrigan do? shirt and she just seems like a fantastic lady. She informed me that 100% of all donations were going directly to the children in shelters by way of clothing, food, educational materials and more. The organization was founded to help curb domestic violence. She told me there tends to be a wave of domestic violence when tragedies like this hit. They will also be around to help prevent this violence as well.
Another site I ran across is crafters united. You donate goods to be sold. 100% of the $ goes to the Red Cross fund although you, as a vendor, do get reimbursed for shipping. Pretty groovy, eh? Some great stuff on there too and over 700 items listed and 11K raised.
Joe and Arianna, my brother & sister in law, just left. It was so great to see them. We are trying to convince them to relocate here. They would love it in Portland, we just know it. They were going to go to New Orleans but that is out now. Jim is the oldest of 7. Can you imagine? Davey, the youngest uncle flew in from Santa Cruz. Ava loves her uncles. It was a blast.
Found a new seamstress. Violet from Kung Fu introduced me to them. Really cool of her since revealing ones sources is something most people won't easily do. Very cool. It is a family run business and they are super cool. Obviously not union but I trust family run businesses. Can you tell I am writing while trying to attend to a billion other things? People keep talking to me.
What else? I am trying gold foil and flocking. Will see what happens. Plus, have a hemp source that may work out. Have to get pricing first....

  1. Blogger badviolet said:

    You are so welcome! Thanks for the mention. Are they still working out for you?

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