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ENK is coming up, Tanya is leaving us and I threw out all our personal care products

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I started reading the labels on the back of all our products and nearly had a cow. On the Aloe Vera gel I use on my daughter for everything from mosquito bite to rash, the label reads 100% GEL so I assumed it was 100% Aloe Vera. Apparently, they literally meant 100% GEL. The ingredient list included parabens and a myriad of other undecipherables. I continued through our cabinet and we now have a lot more space. I have discovered that the best brands out there include Dr. Bronners, Tom's of Maine, Terraessentials and any product made by small companies (like the one listed on my links page owned by my sister in law) as they don't tend to add unknowns to their products because they don't hire other people to deal with the toxins, they make it all themselves out of their home. I recognize that I am well on my way to becoming a total freak but I also went out and purchased an under the sink water filter! Thinking about all the chemicals washed down our drain I don't see how our drinking water could be safe enough to ingest. Am I becoming a freak? I think so.
The lovely Kelley is now at home and sounds quite well. I can't write enough what this means to me.
The site has been busy as all get out and I have no idea why. If anyone read an article with us in it please let me know.
Tanya is leaving us and we are all about to cry. She is irreplaceable. A wonderful, enthusiastic, quirky girl with a sense of living that eases the hearts of those around her. We tease each other like mad. I am looking for a new person but my heart just isn't in it. I finally found the perfect assistant and she has to go back to Jersey to care for her sick brother. I want to lock her and Jay (her boyfriend who shows up and work and hangs out, djs and makes us art for our tees) in the basement. Come on, it has a bathroom.
ENK in a month and I haven't started preparing. I better get in gear.
My seamstress opened her own shop and it rocks out! There is a ton of sunlight and a patio area. I need to bring her more work so she can get more people in her groovy shop to work.

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