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Monday, September 19, 2005

So, I found out my mother has ovarian cancer and she has decided not forego the usual kill on the cells in your body treatment and try a change of diet integrating fresh vegetables and removing dairy and meat and sugar. She is doing this because she believes that chemo isn't necessarily the best course of treatment and that in fact, the pharmaceutical industry has halted the development of alternative cures. I didn't feel this was a bad direction to go. My father died from pancreatic cancer. My aunt died from breast cancer. My grandfather died from lung cancer. Right next to us Kaiser is erecting a huge facility dedicated to cancer treatment. Another hospital down the road has begun construction on their cancer treatment facility, also a separate, spacious building. Doesn't this make you think?
It is all beginning to link together for me. Today I found out Tanya has to move back to New Jersey. We are all crushed as we absolutely adore her and I was imagining that she would be around for a couple of years learning about BW and helping out but family takes her elsewhere. Anyway, so I had to put an ad up on craigslist for a new personal assistant and the first applicant works on this website called the lazyenvironmentalist.com and from there I jump from horrific article to informative databases to more articles all about cancer inducing products I use EVERYDAY on my child and myself. Sunscreen, shampoos, baby products, hair care, face lotion and so much more are filled with chemicals shown to cause cancer.
I suppose I am filled with disappointment at every turn to discover that there are so many companies (I USED to use shampure from aveda...what a freakin joke) that employ the terms natural, organic, etc merely as marketing terms.

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