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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I dreamt of you last night, white luminous skin, soft and smooth and filled with liquid. We were 20 again and in your apartment, silly girls, dressing up as sex pots and photographing each other in 'come hither' poses, giggling madly at one another's best imitation of what a sex pot's pout must look like. Now we are here. This point. And, I never told you how much you meant to me or how you make old age manageable as I can see us both there, seventy, two wrinkled prunes standing on the shallow end of a pool with rubber caps on, giggling madly, probably due to the onset of dementia.
You cannot leave us yet.
Please God, if you give Kelley one more chance I will take the same pledge she must and abstain completely from all alcohol (and this is a big sacrifice because I love that really good bottle of red wine.)
I cannot imagine you gone Kelley. Life would be less without you in the world.

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