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American Apparel, Sexual harassment and my take on it

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Life is haunting. Melodious. Lovely.

My husband commented "I thought you were a feminist." I am a feminist, but a feminist with a background overflowing with masochistic thoughts and behavior. While always trying to maintain an affinity with those around me, I have been passionate, I have been headstrong, I have lived and I have most certainly loved. I have flirted with my bosses because it was fun and married men because it was wrong and women because they were cute and women with boyfriends because it was entertaining. I haven't used my sexuality to get ahead in the workplace simply because I was never that enchanted with position (plus what sort of power would I feel from gaining my position using sex? Also, how often does this really happen?) Am I a feminist? In my eyes I have always been a feminist as I have always equated this word with warrior. Warrior to protect, to fight, to conquer. The problem with my feminist nature is directing it properly. Conquering what? Fighting for what? Protecting whom? Where it falls short is with myself. But, perhaps this is in itself the surest sign of femininity and surely we haven't become so inured by the word feminist to no longer acknowledge the most feminine parts? How was that for circular reasoning?

I have been deluged with comments on the lascivious behavior on the part of the owner of American Apparel, the only supplier of our t-shirts. We use AA because the quality is top notch, the styling modern and we know for a fact that AA is made in the US and not in a sweatshop. I have been asked again and again how we feel about buying from a vendor that exploits women in the workplace (proof a series of lawsuits filed against the owner.)

Obviously we can't support a company that exploits women in the workplace. I mean the entire reason for using AA is because it refuses to exploit its workers in a market space where every other vendor DOES.

Here is my take. Let's see what happens with these lawsuits. Dov isn't settling and perhaps it is because he is innocent and pissed off.

Also, I visited AA last week and I expected to be bombarded with bombshells, especially on the seventh floor. I somehow wanted the atmosphere to ooze sex but, um it didn't...at all. The women were all just average in appearance (not trying to be mean or anything but I had some high expectations after all those articles) and everyone was running around doing their job. There was a really high % of Hispanics employed in all positions. It was hot and LA and lots of guys were just hanging outside on breaks.

Damn it, where was all the lechery? The employees who were encouraged to have sex with one another were busy with other things. I left disappointed but happy to have American Apparel to make my blanks and until I hear differently I will stand by a company that adopted higher ideals than most anyone else dared to in the same industry. Call me naive, call me an idiot but I like to believe that something as good as AA is real.

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