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Catching up

Friday, July 22, 2005

More than a month has gone by since I have had time to blog. Main thing was time spent with a new employee and deciding to go to MAGIC at the very last minute. Big decision for us because my husband and I are both not sure we want to take the company to the next level. We make enough off of our retail sales to be comfortable. Why push it? Plus, we were thinking about #2 and already BW takes most of my time and energy. But, then there is MY desire to make BW more real. To really flesh it out. Hard to explain but when you start with a small idea and start to see it develop into something more than a small idea and you are still sittin in your little room...well...you just want to see it materialize even more. You want to go all the way until you hit a big wall. Know what I mean? So, I jumped in at the last minute and decided to give it a go. The last month has been overwhelming with trying to work out what exactly the new position that I hired for is. At first I thought customer service, office work and sales but I am beginning to believe the position needs to be more deliniated. Then, the deadlines for Magic and the article in the Washington Post Express where DHL managed to lose my samples so they couldn't put them in the photoshoot, doing new transfer sheets and art, adding a mom and baby set (doing really well, glad you guys like them...we will add new designs in Sept), plus moving merchant accounts, doing new photoshoots, it being like 100 degrees in our mini warehouse, working on our new enviornmentally friendly packaging, our own line of blanks for the spring line (EXCITING COLORS AND STYLES), a new shift dress and the cool baby sheets site...whew...I need a vacation and I am taking one first week of August.
I went out and drank myself into a 3 day hangover last week. My husband and I had a date night and we both ended up at home throwing up. It was really pathetic but I somehow felt normalized again after the event.
Jim bought me the new Harry Potter and of course nicked it from me before I had reached page 100.
Ava is learning how to swim and I am taking her to her first lesson at the childrens gym next week.
I am hiring a professional bookkeeper so I can see the light of day again.
We have some freakin great new transfers coming out next month. People will die when they see them. Plus we are adding Carson Ellis who did the covers for the Decemberists, Neko Chan and a couple of more groovy new artists.
Lots more news coming soon...