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Union Samples, Blankets, Sheets, NEWs at BW

Monday, June 13, 2005

I arrived back from the south carrying some head cold that caused both my daughter and I to hold our ears and scream on the descent into Portland. She wailed, screamed, managed to escape from my arms (I had grabbed ahold of my head in pain) and crawl underneath the seat of the man seated next to us (determined not to be in attendance by sleeping through all of Ava's prodding and poking,) scrambled into the row behind us, banshee screams curdling from her lips, her wee hands pulling herself up into the laps of 3 smiling women. I was so ill. I was so glad to be home.
Tidbit to remember on all travels with toddlers: LOLLIPOP
I got back the union samples. I could most certainly afford their pricing. It was good pricing but their machinary wasn't the correct machinary for children's clothing and you could definetly tell. They just looked, well, droopy. I have given up on union and decided that as long as the cut and sew I am using only uses their own sewers (doesn't contract to other cut & sew shops) and pays a good wage I am stepping away from my idealized version of the Baby Wit Shirt. Union made, high quality, made in the US, organic fabric and stylistically super cool. I am now holding at high quality, made USA & stylistically cool. Oh, how we fall as the nimbostratus of reality begins its shower.
The blankets and sheets are slowly picking up. I have gotten good feedback from the stores. I was told my blankets are really high quality and the designs are excellent. I will keep plugging away at it and see what happens.
We hired someone. The best someone. We got lucky. Put the ad in on the right day. She is moving from Olympia and she makes us all laugh jolly good laughs. She is a pleasure to be around and I think will motivate us all to kick butt. Her name is Mel and she starts next week. She comes ready to do the hanky panky if that's what it's all about.
We are going to redo our warehouse. The walls are still unfinished. The floor is a dirty cement. We want to spackle finish paint and paint carpets on the floors. We are putting glass into our rolltops which should make a difference. We need light.