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deep south

Friday, May 27, 2005

Came off the plane into a colossal, mighty storm; southern style. One with clouds so heavy of liquid they loitered in the warm wind regaling me with a warm sponge bath. Lightening banged itself insanely across the sky emphasizing the fact that yes, I had indeed entered into the depths of the south. The humidity wrapped itself around me and I felt myself falling into a heated water bed. I have escaped the cold (though not the rain) of Portland and feel instantly comforted. I was born here. I hated it here so I left here. But each time I step off the plane into that wet sauna I feel ahhhh, so soft.

Jackson, MS. I have come to visit my mama because I need some recuperation time as I am always tired. My entire body has been covered in some weird stress related rash for 6 months now. I am so tired that I dream of not waking again. My fear of death has obviously receded to the point reversing upon itself. At night I even compose letters in my head to my daughter so that she will be sure to know of all the things I wanted to tell her before I became burdened with a cancer so queer that I died within the week. I wonder if everyone becomes more comfortable with death as they age. I hope to pass somewhat gracefully but after watching 6 feet under, truly one of my favorite shows ever, I hope for a passing with a bit more humor than grace. Maybe everyone will do me a service and don shirts sporting "I came to Andrea's funeral and all I got was this lousy t-shirt".

I am currently interviewing for a position at Baby Wit and there isn't much I detest more than hiring except for firing. I have always had difficulty working for others so I can only assume that the person I am hiring feels the same way. I want to make the job as fun and rewarding as possible but are only so many things one can do to make a part-time slave job rewarding and fun.

I love to quit jobs but that doesn't look possible right now. I am so good at quitting jobs that one year I had over 14 w-2s. I am so good at quitting that people don't even know I am quitting. The last job I ever had I was shuffled into a marketing group run by a woman I absolutely detested. The company was undergoing massive layoffs and with my big fat salary I kept hoping I was next in line but wave after wave came and went and I was still there under the domination of one Ms. Carine M (huge anger management issues) whom I took great pleasure in driving to the edge. One day she dragged me into a room for a 'pep' talk and began gesticulating wildly and bleating out muted verbal expectations (one of my favorite lines from an Alice Donut song) (people on the other side of the glass found it was a fairly amusing) and I think the people above finally got that Carine and I would never be able to productively function as a 'team'. But, I did finally achieve the glam lay off status and walked away from the entire experience realizing that each of jobs I had slaved away at had somehow contributed to making me more able to start my own gig. I think my favorite by far was at a start up company run by 3 of the biggest male geeks I have had the pleasure of interacting with. One of them was totally sexually frustrated, the other a drunk and the third was surprisingly well adjusted and rounded out the trio quite nicely. They were all grads from Stanford so the company was aptly named STG (standford technology group.) It was a real start up. I was often the only one in the office and my job was to make their office appear to be occupied. I admit that I spent quite a bit of time sleeping on the floor in the mornings as I was not used to an 8 am shift and was usually hung over as well (drinking played a huge part in my life back then and if any of you have bartended, cooked or waitressed you can attest that it just comes with working in a restaurant.) But, it was at this job over a span of a year in where I learned that a computer was much more than the word processor I had used it for in college. If David had not hired me I might still be serving a late night crowd over at the Grub Steak off of Polk St.

I digress. Back to hiring. The pool of applicants in Portland is amazing. While interviewing I found a new designer! You should see some interesting tees coming your way soon using a different method of application than the heat transfers we are known for. Experimental and fun. I narrowed it down to four applicants and have to decide when I get back.

I just had the best BBQ ever at Tabb's in Greenville. The gregarious owner won't let you leave wanting for more. Before you get up from his 18 foot long picnic tables he clambors over to ask if you have had your fill as he has a heap more in the back. I am bringing back 3 lbs of his pulled pork because I can't get anything nearly this good in Portland. I had it for lunch and dinner yesterday. Mmmm mmmmm good.

BTW, they do not sell organic food in Leland and forget trying to find a pure fruit juice.

On packaging. I hate huge amounts of packaging so I have tried to streamline it as much as possible. The result from a packaging study by the DEQ determined that plastic is far more environmentally sound than the use of paper when considering both up and down stream enviornmental effects. I use plastic but the thought of it sitting in a landfill (or ending up on some forest floor) for 6 generations or more is really disturbing so I invested $ in a new biodegradable plastic that actually degrades within 6 months in a landfill. It turns into hummus. Really cool. Now the person who wrote the report told me that although they did not look at this biodegradable plastic in their report, that it produces methane gas as it degrades in the landfill and this is bad for the ozone. You can't win if you use packaging but trying to figure out what the least harmful packaging is certainly filled with surprises.

On union shops. I have spent almost a year trying to get my shirts made in a union shop and if the one I am waiting on doesn't come through I am going to use the manufacturer that toy bitch uses as she toured the factory and it seemed more than friendly to its workers. I am way behind where I wanted to be at this point because of this wait and I am beginning to realize that trying to do the right thing may result in unwanted results. Get this…a union shop (one of only a handful in the US) was found to have been purchasing Gildan shirts (total sweatshop goods), cutting out the tags and sewing in union tags! The head of the labor union has been sporting one around this past year. Ouch.

I gotta run as my aunt is buying us lunch today...

  1. Blogger JMac said:

    Hey there lady! We need to catch up. After reading this and sharing your southern sentiment for BBQ, I kept meaning to ask if you've tried Russell Street BBQ on NE Russell/MLK? Yummy. And a side of Yummy. We should go there for our date!

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