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Purpose of this Blog

Sunday, April 10, 2005

I thought I had forgotten how to write. Thought I had forgotten a lot of things. Like how to feel halfway human when the sun comes up. Everyday I sport sweatpants and a t-shirt. Most days my sweatpants are covered in food like particles before I even walk out the door. An embarrassing moment was when my girlfriend told me (with more decorum than I am sure the situation warranted as she had taken me out to lunch) that I should really try to at least wear CLEAN sweatpants when out and about. And, I have to admit that some nights, perhaps most nights, I fall into bed wearing these same sweatpants and t-shirt. So gross I know.
I started a blog a while back but didn't know what I wanted it to be. I finally decided that this blog shall be more of a personal diary focused on running a very small business, caring for a toddler and trying to learn how to be a better human (ideally, Mother Theresa, realistically just someone who thinks more about others.)
What this is not. This is not a business log. This will not have a business focus although I will discuss my beliefs about unionized labor and the trials and tribulations of trying to bring a union made shirt to market. I will probably rant about mishaps at work, truly trying customers and vendors who cause me grief. I will eulogize Kristin, my wonderful employee who has the word ACTIVIST tattooed on her arm and who not only runs the production end of things but polices (I am sure she would hate me using that verb) Baby Wit to ensure that we are conducting ourselves in an ethical and socially responsible manner, generates ideas like purchasing biodegradable mailers, recycling as much waste as possible, pushing for using union made shirts, using organics, checking the materials in our products for safety and much, much more.
I will also discuss my wunderkind Ava, my creative husband Jim, my faithful companion Igor, my new Portland friends, my old SF friends, the Internet, books and music. So, truthfully, this is my freakin' personal diary and my way of trying to humanize myself again. Over the past two years with having a baby and starting a new business I have had little time to feel myself. It occurred to me one morning upon waking that I don't dream much anymore. Literally. At night. No dreams. I work through much of the day in a numb state. I just act to get things done. All the many things on my endlessly long list.
So, this diary, this here is my little piece of sanity. If you feel like joining me in my search for it please feel free. Commentary is of course, welcome but if you have something negative to say, please expect to hear back from me as I was a rhetoric major in college.
Peace and Love but mostly Love,

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